Our commitment is to offer our customers a place of welcome based on the quality of the service and the warmth of our hospitality. It is a special kind of hospitality!

Il Villino – Holiday home is an initiative of Cooperativa Nazareno Work, a Social Cooperative that operates in the area of employment placement of persons with physical or psychological disabilities. The hospitality facility is located near Casa Mantovani, a Therapeutic Community that houses persons with mental disabilities, managed by Cooperativa Nazareno, which has been operating for longer than 20 years in the field of assistance and rehabilitation in the cities of Carpi and Bologna (

Its purpose is to create employment opportunities for persons who have successfully concluded their own rehabilitation journey and, at the same time, developing a that is useful to the community in the true spirit of a social enterprise.

Another characteristic of Il Villino is the possibility it gives its guests to visit its internal artistic-artisan workshops dedicated to the production of ceramics and printed fabrics, created by the Cooperativa Sociale Arti e Mestieri (

Our guests can admire the furnishings created within the laboratories and they can purchase handmade gift items in felt, paper and fabric inside the little shop of the Banco Artigiano delle Arti e dei Mestieri circuit that is present within Il Villino.

La regione Emilia Romagna disciplina le STRUTTURE RICETTIVE DIRETTE ALL'OSPITALITÀ attraverso la LEGGE REGIONALE 28 luglio 2004, n. 16. La legge distingue le strutture ricettive in strutture ricettive alberghiere, strutture ricettive all'aria aperta e strutture ricettive extralberghiere. Sono case per ferie le strutture attrezzate per il soggiorno a fini turistici di persone singole o di gruppi, organizzate e gestite senza scopo di lucro, al di fuori dei normali canali commerciali, da enti pubblici, da associazioni o da enti privati operanti per il conseguimento di finalità sociali, culturali, assistenziali, religiose o sportive, nonché da enti o aziende per il soggiorno di propri dipendenti e loro familiari.